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Using UV resin with multi-part molds

This is an advance level type thing but I made it into a slow-and-steady type thing.

You will need:
- UV resin (I use it because it is fast-curing--in this tutorial, I used soft type UV resin)
- your mold
- A UV lamp (I use one for nail but there are smaller, more portable ones available these days) but if you want to use sunlight, it's about half an hour to an hour of curing in sunlight for every minute under the UV lamp
- a shallow tray plus some small solid items to use as book-end-type clamps
- a pair of small nail scissors

Safety: Wear gloves and do not inhale UV resin. Do not stare directly at UV lamp.

The mold I'm using is by floree--it is a three-dimensional coffee cup mold and I am using it as items with handles are usually the most tricky. This type of mold is made of oil-bleed silicon rubber--it feels oily to touch as that is the release agent for easing the release of molded resin items.

First fill in the handles on both side of the mold with UV resin as that's…

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